SUNENG® fully implements IlSO9001:2008 Quality management system, and ISO14001 environment management system, continues introducing more advanced production and testing equipment, and strengthening team management ability and professionalism. Also keep preferred investments for products technical R&D, to ensure Suneng electrical products High-end,Precise, Top.

SUNENG® Advantages
1)15Years Reliable and Qualified Solar Cable & Solar Connector Manufacturer.
2)One-stop Solution For Solar Cable Wiring systems. Certificated by ISO-TUV-UL-CE.
3)Successfully Connected 3.5 GW PV Output Oversea, with Completed After-sales.



150MW Camino Spain 2020, Group Eletton Engery S.L,  The project is valued at about $120 million.


The solar + storage project has an intended generation capacity of up to 120 MWac  with an up to 140 MWac battery energy storage system.


It has fullyproduced enough clean electricity to power 40,000 homes. The electricity generated by Spain Solar Center will be transmitted to utilities and community energy providers.

















13 December 2020: Release by SUNENG®has entered into a lease agreement with electricity company in Mongolia to deliver solar cable and solar connecctor,  for total 36 MW solar and 20 MW/19 MW projects, which products  will supply low cost, clean and reliable electricity in Ulaanbaatar, capital of Mongolia.


Release by SUNENG® will further install 7.7 MWp solar in Cubaa to supply clean, renewable energy.
















 13MW Solar Farm 2021, Solar in Santo Domingo Dominican Republic.




SUNENG® has been providing One-stop solutions for customers,regarding Photovoltaic power station, building integrated photovoltaic,wind power generation. These years, Suneng® has been concentrating on new energy development application. With leading technical research and development capabilities, and high quality, Suneng®has been making outstanding contributions to Chinese new energy photovoltaic industry. 





SUNENG® has engaged in community solar in Florida, USA, 2021, for total 3MW projects.


SUNENG® for Community Solar is a service that solves the solar asset management operational challenge and lack of business controls by quickly providing a foundation of systems, people and processes while ensuring the business has control of data, customer experience, brand and commercial strategy.


SUNENG® provides a package of the operational capabilities and experienced team members needed to get your business up and running quickly. This gives you access to the data you need to better serve customers while enhancing your brand and commercial position in the market.