MC4 Splitter Connector Solar Panels 6 to 1 in Parallel Connecting For Photovoltaic System

 MC4 Splitter Connector Solar Panels in parallel 6 to 1


SUNENG Solar Branch Connector 6 to 1 ( 1 Set = 6Male 1Female + 6Female 1Male ) is a pair of MC4 cable connectors for solar panels.

 MC4 splitter connector is Compatible with multi contact 4 connector,suitable to solar cable 2.5 mm2,4mm2 and 6mm2 in solar connection project.connecting solar panels in series or parallel.quickly and reliable connection of the solar cables to the photovoltaic system (solar panels, converters)


  • * Waterproof grade IP68: adopts high-quality waterproof ring, with waterproof and dustproof effect
  • * Thicker copper core, brass tinned inner core: more anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, and increase service life
  • * The shell is made of PPO high-strength material: high heat resistance, low flammable point, wear-resistant and durable
  • * Insulation parts: The hole contacting head of the product is equipped with a guiding insulator, which plays a role of guiding and preventing electric shock
  • *Standard size: The connection is connected by pressing, and the male and female heads are equipped with self-locking mechanism, which can be opened and closed freely.
  • * Connection: 2.5mm2/4mm2/6mm2 ( 14AWG/ 12AWG/ 10AWG)

Product Specification



MC4 Splitter Connecto
MC4 Splitter Connecto



MC4 Splitter Connector
MC4 Splitter Connector



SUNENG® Advantage

SUNENG®  is specialized in Photovoltaic Cable and Solar accessories (SPD & MCB) since 2004. Suneng registered capitals RMB50,000,000 , with 5 holding subsidiaries,annual output over 100 million. Suneng has been focusing on R&D and manufacture for DC power distribution systems and related products, including solar cable ( 1.5mm2-120mm2)& solar connector & branch connector& fuse connector& OEM cable harness and Lighting protection& Circuit Breaker & DC Fuse for DC system for DC PV systems.

  • 15 Years Reliable and Qualified Solar Cable & Solar Connector Manufacturer.
  • One-stop Solution For Solar Cable Wiring systems. Certificated by ISO-TUV-UL-CE.
  • Successfully Connected 3.5 GW PV Output Oversea, with Completed After-sales.



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