MC4 T Branch Connector Wiring Solar Panel 2to1 in Series For Photovoltaic Solution

MC4 T Branch Connector Wiring Solar Panel 2to1 in series


SUNENG MC4 T Branch Connector r( 1 Set = 2Male1Female + 2Female1Male ) is a pair of MC4 cable connectors for solar panels These connectors are typically used for linking 2 solar panels string also parallel connection,fit with MC4 Female Male single Connector from PV Modules.

This 2T branch connector can fit all MC4 Type Photonic Universe solar panels.It is 100% waterproof(IP67) so they can be used outdoors in any weather conditions


  • * Waterproof grade IP68: adopts high-quality waterproof ring, with waterproof and dustproof effect
  • * Thicker copper core, brass tinned inner core: more anti-corrosion, anti-oxidation, and increase service life
  • * The shell is made of PPO high-strength material: high heat resistance, low flammable point, wear-resistant and durable
  • * Insulation parts: The hole contacting head of the product is equipped with a guiding insulator, which plays a role of guiding and preventing electric shock
  • *Standard size: The connection is connected by pressing, and the male and female heads are equipped with self-locking mechanism, which can be opened and closed freely.
  • * Connection: 2.5mm2/4mm2/6mm2 ( 14AWG/ 12AWG/ 10AWG)

Product Specification

MC4 T Branch Connector 2 To 1
MC4 T Branch Connector 2 To 1

SNBC2-MF2 (MC4 T Branch Connector 2 To 1)





SUNENG® Advantage

SUNENG®  is specialized in Photovoltaic Cable and Solar accessories (SPD & MCB) since 2004. Suneng registered capitals RMB50,000,000 , with 5 holding subsidiaries,annual output over 100 million. Suneng has been focusing on R&D and manufacture for DC power distribution systems and related products, including solar cable ( 1.5mm2-120mm2)& solar connector & branch connector& fuse connector& OEM cable harness and Lighting protection& Circuit Breaker & DC Fuse for DC system for DC PV systems.

  • 15 Years Reliable and Qualified Solar Cable & Solar Connector Manufacturer.
  • One-stop Solution For Solar Cable Wiring systems. Certificated by ISO-TUV-UL-CE.
  • Successfully Connected 3.5 GW PV Output Oversea, with Completed After-sales.



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