Solar Cable Extension with MC4 Connector for solar panel wiring solution assembly

Solar Cable Extension is a solar cable complete with fitted MC4 connectors. Used in photovoltaic power generation and solar systems to interconnect solar panels and electrical components in the photovoltaic system. Cable size available 4mm 2 to 6mm 2, from 0.5m to 20m, suitable for outdoor extreme environments, UV, ozone, hydrolysis resistant.

Solar Cable extension with MC4 Connector solutions satisfy the need for pre-cut and/or pre-terminated segments of PV wire for connecting PV modules to string combiners and inverters. Terminations are compatible with standard PV module connectors and string combiner whips or input fuse holders.

A wide range of cable and connector solutions can be configured to meet all residential, commercial, and utility-scale PV project designs. Conductors can be color-coded and labeled to reduce connection error.

Cable length OEM.


• High-efficient solution

• Improve consistency and quality

• Reduce connection error

• Multi-Contact connectors (MC4)

Product Specification

Cable: H1Z2Z2-K 4/6/10mm2; Lenght: Custimized

Nominal Voltage: 1500DC/1000VDC Optional

Connector: Suitable for MC4 Connector

EN 50618 H1Z2Z2-K Single Core Solar Cable




Approx.     conductor Ø


Max.           external Ø


Max.resistance  at 20°C



Current              rating
free air
n° x mm2mmmm/kmkg/kmA
1 x 1,51,55,413,73230
1 x 2,51,95,98,214341
1 x 42,46,65,096055
1 x 63,07,43,398270
1 x 103,98,81,9512598
1 x 165,010,11,24185132
1 x 256,112,50,795280176
1 x 357,314,00,565370218
1 x 508,716,30,393520276
1 x 7010,518,70,277715347
1 x 9511,920,80,210925416
1 x 12013,822,80,1641165488
1 x 150 (*)15,325,50,1321480566

Correction coefficients for ambient temperature other than 60°C

Ambient temperature (°C)Correction factor
Up to 601,0


solar cable extension
solar cable extension




SUNENG® Advantage

SUNENG®  is specialized in Photovoltaic Cable and MC4 Connector since 2004. Suneng registered capitals RMB50,000,000 , with 5 holding subsidiaries,annual output over 100 million. Suneng has been focusing on R&D and manufacture for DC power distribution systems and related products, including solar cable ( 1.5mm2-120mm2)& solar connector & branch connector& fuse connector& OEM cable harness and Lighting protection& Circuit Breaker & DC Fuse for DC system for DC PV systems

*15Years Reliable and Qualified Solar Cable & Solar Connector Manufacturer.
*One-stop Solution For Solar Cable Wiring systems. Certificated by ISO-TUV-UL-CE.
*Successfully Connected 3.5 GW PV Output Oversea, with Completed After-sales.

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Wechat: sunengpv 


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