solar pv fuse holder and PV string fuse 1000V DC 10X38 for Photovoltaic installation system

Solar pv fuse holder with high voltage solar panels reach 1000Vdc, a special fuse is required on the positive and negative sides of the string. Din rail mounted fuse holders and photovoltaic string fuses from 1A up to 32A

Solar pv fuse holder and solar pv string fuse

1000V DC Solar PV Fuse Holder 10x38mm for Solar PV Fuse with TUV UL CE ROHS


1000V DC Solar PV Fuse Holder 10x38mm for Solar PV Fuse with TUV and ROHS is used in DC combiner box in solar PV systems. When PV panel or inverter causes overload or short circuit, it trip off immediately to protect solar panels. DC fuse also used to protect other electrical parts in DC circuit, when overload or short circuit.A range of fuses in a 10x38mm package specifically designer for protection and isolation of photovoltaic strings.


  • Rated Voltage: DC 1000V
  • Rated Current: 32A
  • Size of in-line Fuse: 10x38mm (Can be replaced.)
  • Range ampere of Fuse: 6A,8A,10A,12A,15A,20A,25A,30A
  • Rated breaking capacity: 33kA
  • Mounting Support: DIN rail 35mm
  • Standard: IEC 60269-6, GB/T 13539.6
  • Interrupting Capacity: 30,000 Amperes at 1000V DC


  • Touch-safe design offers protection when replacing fuses
  • Compact design
  • 35 mm DIN-rail mountable
  • Available in 1-, 2-, 3- and 4-pole configurations
  • No fuse pullers or tools required for fuse removal


Model SFTV-25(L)SFTV-25B2SFTV-25B3SFTV-25B4
Rated  Voltage1000VDC
Rated Current In1-32A
Fuse Size(mm)10*38mm
Operating Temperature Range [TU]−30℃to+70℃
Resistant and Damp HotClass 2
Altitude <2000m
Pollution 3
Degree of ProtectionIP20
Mounting35mm DIN Rail /Class III

Material Detials

Material Details
Accessories Name Plastic CementCopper
MaterialPBT(V-0)Red Copper

Recommended Fuses

10 x 38 mm 1000v gPV Fuses (“gPV” means the full range DC breaking protection on solar photovoltaic power generation system.)

Wirring Diagram

solar pv fuse holder
solar pv fuse holder


Advantage of 1000V DC Solar PV Fuse Holder 10x38mm

  • PV Electricity Generation Instruction

Solar PV electricity generation system is formed by lots of PV connection in series,and they form PV array by parallel installation,meantime,the current generated by lots of PV array is concentrated in PV inverter from the PV junctions box,PV inverter turn DC to AC so as to connect with utility grid or to be used in home appliances.

  • Application

T  his series fuse is suitable for solar pv power generation system, rated voltage to 1500V, rated current to 630A,used in pv power generation equipment as a pv module string and pv array for over current protection,and pv panels and batteries connected in series and parallel,to charge variable flow system for short circuit breaking protection,in pv station and inverter rectifier system for short-circuit breaking protection,as well as pv power eneration system,inrush and short circuit fault voltage for quick break protection,rated breaking capacity to 10-50KA,products confirms to IEC60629.1 and 60629.6.

  • Normal operating conditions

The around temperature max value ca nup to 90℃,min limit value up to -40℃,the installation altitude is not over 2000m(our company can customize based on your special requirement.

  • Use category

“gPV” means the full range DC breaking protection on solar photovoltaic power generation system.

  • Structural fratures

Fuse link is made of pure silver(or silver strings),welding low tin and encapsulated in the melt tbe made of high-strength porcelain, the fuse tube filled with high-purity quartz sand chemically processed as the arc medium.Fuse body is connected with contacting terminals by spot welding fuse base suppressed by the resin or plastic casing fitted with contacts and contains the fusion pieces,the connection made by riveting as the support of the appropriate size fuse body parts.This series fuse has a compact and convenient device,use security,beautiful appearance,etc.


SUNENG® Advantage

SUNENG®  is specialized in Photovoltaic Cable and Solar accessories (SPD & MCB) since 2004. Suneng registered capitals RMB50,000,000 , with 5 holding subsidiaries,annual output over 100 million. Suneng has been focusing on R&D and manufacture for DC power distribution systems and related products, including solar cable ( 1.5mm2-120mm2)& solar connector & branch connector& fuse connector& OEM cable harness and Lighting protection& Circuit Breaker & DC Fuse for DC system for DC PV systems.

  • 15 Years Reliable and Qualified Solar Cable & Solar Connector Manufacturer.
  • One-stop Solution For Solar Cable Wiring systems. Certificated by ISO-TUV-UL-CE.
  • Successfully Connected 3.5 GW PV Output Oversea, with Completed After-sales.



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